When talking about compound exercises, one of the best exercises that comes to mind is probably the pull-up movement. Pull-up is a tight and difficult bodybuilding exercise with many benefits. It exercises the back, wing, shoulder and arm muscles well. How to do the pull-up, which is an important move for strength gain? What muscles does Pull-up work? What are the benefits of Pull-up? You will find the most detailed information about the Pull-up movement in this

Exercise TypeStrength and Hypertrophy
Skill LevelHard
Equipment Neededİron
Muscles WorkedPrimary: Latissimus Dorsi
Alternative Forms/SubstituteChin Ups, Neutral Grip Pull-up


How to do Pull-up

How to Pull-up?

After grasping the pull-up bar with your palm, you need to separate your palms at shoulder width. You should let your feet and arms loose as much as possible. If your feet touch the ground, you can tie your feet and pull them up. In the next step, you need to pull your body weight up, keeping the shoulders back.

When pulling yourself up, you need to get support from the muscles in the upper region, not from your waist. After pulling yourself upward, your chin should reach the pull-up bar, and then you can slowly drop your arms down. While doing pull-ups, set yourself targets for how many pull-ups and never give up. Proceeding in line with these rules will provide you with efficiency in a short time.

How Many Pull-ups Should Be Taken Per Day?

After weight training, muscles and cells enter the process of destruction. A minimum of 48-72 hours is required for recovery, depending on muscle groups. If you are training hard and want to aim for growth and strength, you can set your training system to have at least 48 hours of rest.

Does Pull-Up Strengthen?

By pulling up pull-ups correctly, you will actively activate your back, waist, trapeze, wing, shoulder and arm muscles. Pull-up, interact with almost all of the muscle groups on the upper part of the body, and the muscle groups you have naturally trained will both develop and strengthen. The pull-up, It is an exercise that both develops and strengthens the body.

Since pull-up is one of the most basic movements that show the power and strength in the human body, it is performed to increase the condition and gain strength in many sports and professions. In addition, the number of pull-ups are taken into consideration in the sports branch (vocational high schools, high schools, universities, etc.) and profession (police, military, security guard, etc.) elections related to physical education.

What to do if you can’t do pull ups?

For those who cannot pull-up, it may be difficult at first to do the right one. If you say “Why is it hard for me to do pull ups?”, this means that your arms are strengthless and weak. To strengthen your arms, you can do arm exercises and push-ups with dumbbell at home. Apart from this, you can hang on the pull-up iron to pull regular pull-ups, so you can contribute to the strengthening of your arms by carrying your body weight.

How do I build strength to do pull ups?

Keep hanging for like 5 mins everyday or 4-5 days a week for a month. Stay hanging and wait 10 seconds. Increase this to 15 seconds on the next move, then to 20 seconds. Strengthen your arms by focusing on getting as much hanging as possible. When you feel confident, start pulling your torso up.

Do band/assisted pull ups – If you have a pull up machine in the gym, use that. If not, use a strength band. Connect the band to the pull up bar, and place your foot in it, like this. Do three sets of 10 reps. If it’s too easy, use a band with less resistance.

How to Increase the Number of Pull-Up Bars?

Maximum effort is required to increase the number of pull-up repetitions. The last numbers are quite important, it can take almost all your strength. However, you can increase the number of repetitions in this way. Try to work with sets on the other training days and try to do the most repetitions at a time with maximum power on the next training day. You will see an increase in the number of pull-ups thanks to this training.

Pull-Up Program

half of the maximum number of days you can shoot and 3 sets of 10 barfixes, for example 3 x 5 repetitions.
try the maximum number you can shoot per day
day rest
day, try to progress by increasing the number as on day 1, increase it to 3 x 6 instead of 3 x 5
the maximum number of days you can withdraw again
day rest

What Muscles Does Pull-up Work?



  • Brachialis
  • Brachioradialis
  • Biceps Brachii
  • Teres Major
  • Deltoid, Posterior
  • Infraspinatus
  • Teres Minor
  • Rhomboids
  • Levator Scapulae
  • Trapezius, Lower
  • Trapezius, Middle
  • Pectoralis Minor

Dynamic Stabilizers

  • Triceps, Long Head

What Are The Benefits of Pull-up?

  • It strengthens the back and wing muscles. The pulling exercise is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the back and wing muscles.
  • It prevents posture disorder and allows you to stand upright. Infraspinatus and Scapula strengthen the muscles covering the scapula, preventing problems caused by muscle weakness such as postural posture and shoulder blade protrusion.
  • It plays an important role in hull strength and power increase. Since pull-up is a compound exercise, it works the upper body muscles in perfect harmony. The pull-up exercise performed at body weight supports general body strength and core strength. It provides a stronger and more solid body.
  • Provides cardiovascular benefit. Pulling up a chin increases your heart rate. When these types of exercises are done quickly and with no rest periods between them, they provide a great cardiovascular workout as well as the ability to develop strength.
  • Increases grip strength. In your daily life, it allows you to grasp any object more firmly when you hold it. For example; You can feel this even when opening a jar.
  • Pulling up a chin makes your arms stronger. Arms and wrists work actively in all types of pull-ups. The strength of the arms increases more each time you lift the body weight. Increasing the number of pull-ups means the development and strengthening of your arms.
  • It improves the wing muscles. It is effective in working and shaping the parts of the body, which are located in the right and left upper parts and which are referred to as wing muscle. If you want a triangular (V) body, you can have it with a pull-up motion.
  • Improve physical health. Exercises that provide strength or resistance training, such as pull-ups, can improve your overall physical health. Studies have found that regular strength training can help reduce visceral fat (subcutaneous fat) and manage type 2 diabetes.
  • Provides better mood. Doing a pull-up or any exercise causes your brain to release chemicals known as serotonin and the most important endorphins. These chemical secretions make you feel happy and a better mood.
What Are The Benefits of Pull-up?

Does Pull-Up Muscle Develop?

When it comes to compound movements, the first exercises that come to mind are; It is referred to as deadlift, bench press, and squat. The common point of these exercises is that they are performed by lifting more weights and that they train multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Although pull-up exercises many muscle groups as a compound movement, the part where it really stands out is the back muscles. For a really big, strong and flamboyant look, you need developed back muscles. These muscles will inevitably grow as you work your back, giving the body an attractive and powerful looking V shape physique. For this, exercises done in the bar, such as pull-ups, will expand the upper part of the back.

Does Pull-up Height İncrease?

Although pull-up is said to increase height, there is no research confirming this. Although pull-up does not provide height increase, strengthening these muscles can help you look taller by helping your posture. Good posture relies on the strong back and core muscles responsible for stabilizing the spine. When you strengthen these muscle groups, you can maintain an upright posture by effectively exercising the necessary muscles to keep your upper body balanced and aligned. Also, weight training can help increase growth hormone and testosterone levels.

Does Pull-Up Weight Loss?

Realistically, pull-up doesn’t burn calories like jogging on a treadmill or riding a bike. If you want to increase the intensity of burning more calories, you can always do more reps, more sets, and faster. You can also keep the rest periods short while increasing the intensity. This will allow you to burn more calories. If you want to use pull-up as a weight loss exercise, you can create crossfit-style programs and include them in your pull-up programs. In this way, you will increase power while burning calories.

Ex. Crossfit is a workout in the amrap method. It targets the most repetitions of exercise you can do in 20 minutes. These body weight movements help you get stronger while burning calories. Exercises are done after running 400 meters and continue without rest.

400 meters running
10 Pull-ups
20 Pushups
20 Squats

What are the Types of Pull-Up Bars?

  • Pull Ups
  • Chin Ups
  • Neutral Grip