Arnold Dumbbell Press

It is a successful shoulder exercise discovered by Arnold Schwarzenegger. How to do Arnold Dumbbell Press, Which muscles does Arnold press work?. You can find the most detailed information about the Arnold Press movement in this article.

Arnold Dumbbell Press Exercise Information
Other NamesRotating Shoulder Press
Exercise TypeStrength
Skill LevelIntermediate
Equipment NeededDumbbell
Muscles WorkedPrimary: Shoulders; Secondary: Traps, triceps
Force TypePush (bilateral)
VariationsStanding Arnold Dumbbell Press

Arnold Dumbbell Press

How to Arnold dumbbell Press?

How to Arnold Press?

  • Sit on the coffee table and bend your elbows and grasp the weights with the palm facing your face.
  • When taking off, turn your palms in the opposite direction of your face. Exhale to the lift position.
  • After pausing at the top of the movement, gradually lower the weights to the starting position by rotating your palms towards you.
  • Slowly lower it again in the shoulder position.
  • While downloading, your palms should be facing your face.
  • Take it down by breathing.
  • Apply up to the recommended number of sets.
Which Muscles Does Arnold dumbbell Press Work?

Which Muscles Does Arnold Press Work?

  • Anterior deltoid
  • Lateral deltoid
  • Poesterior deltoid
  • Serratus anterior (Combination of lower chest and stomach muscle)
  • Triceps (Back Arm)
  • Trapeze (shoulder, neck back muscle)

Benefits of Arnold Press?

  • Ability to work 3 deltoid muscles at the same time with one movement. In order for the shoulders to expand and the shoulders to grow, you have to work your deltoid muscles with shoulder movements. Between the shoulder widening movements, you can develop the shoulder muscles by influencing the front shoulder, side shoulder and back shoulder muscles from the deltoid muscles with Arnold press.
  • It trains the trapezoidal muscles. The Arnold press movement allows the trapezoidal muscles to work, which are the most superficial muscles, descending from the neck to our back, and are important for posture posture.
  • Serratus anterior, known as the boxer muscle, the serratus anterior muscle is a rather difficult-to-develop muscle group. The serratus antreior muscle, located between the full chest and the stomach muscles, together with the Arnold press movement, can be said as a bonus-given surprise.
  • It activates the triceps muscles, providing strengthening and development of the back arm during movement. It should be considered in regional studies.